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The building of low energy buildings is growing rapidly and this is due to both the high number of requests from home owners and legal requirements. Building houses with low or near-zero energy consumption is always going to be a tough challenge, but it is hardly possible at all without the use of solar thermal energy. Since heating is responsible for over 60% of the total energy requirement of mankind, and solar thermal energy is both fuel and emission free, the technology is vital for building low energy and low emission houses.

The same is also true for energy renovations of older buildings, whether they are one family homes or multifamily houses.

A key constraint when building or renovating a house with low energy consumption is the amount of available roof or façade area, especially in urbanised areas with more shadowing. For this reason, Savosolar's highly efficient collectors are very popular among builders and architects who build or renovate energy efficient buildings. Savosolar's collectors produce as much energy as possible from tha available area and thereby makes the buildings as energy efficient as possible.

Suitable Savosolar products for low energy buildings:

Savo large collectors
Savo 300 collectors
Savo 200 collectors
Domestic solar thermal systems

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