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Savosolar is a Finnish company manufacturing the world's most efficient solar thermal collectors. The company's unique products are based on a vacuum coating process where the complete absorber structure is coated after assembly. This means that the direct flow design, with highly improved heat transfer, can be utilised. The Savosolar team has extensive know-how and experience in vacuum coating techniques as well as in international sales and business management. The company uses the latest manufacturing technologies in its processes and is ISO 9000 certified. Our company is expanding rapidly and supports our customers in reaching their environmental and business targets by significantly reducing their energy costs. Savosolar invests in constant product development to always offer the best solutions to the needs of the growing environmental energy market.


Our customers face

  • Constantly rising energy prices
  • Business models without the possibility to forecast energy costs
  • Public pressure and legal obligations to lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Fuel costs and fuel availability which is depending on politics

Savosolar solar thermal solutions offer

  • The highest efficiency in the market, and thereby the lowest possible energy cost over 25 years
  • Energy price stability over 25 years
  • Independent energy production without fuel costs and less political dependency
  • Emission free energy and an environmentally responsible image



  • Accelerating the solar economy through the leading technology for competitive energy


  • Be the first-choice supplier to high performance solar installations on a global scale

Contact us

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Insinöörinkatu 7
FI-50150, Mikkeli
letter +358 (0) 10 271 0810
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