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our technology

The key to our highly efficient collectors is our absorber technology and coating expertise. Savosolar has developed a selective MEMO nano-coating which consists of 3 thin ceramic layers. These layers are deposited in a vacuum chamber by PVD and PECVD technology and give the absorbers and the coating has an absorption of 96% an and emission of 5% emissivity. The combination of the three layers ensure that the coating remains stable at high temperatures, has the best anti-corrosive properties in the market, and still provides high performance over wide angles. The coating still provides 90% absorption with the solar incident angle being +/- 60 degrees off centre.

But most importantly, our coating line allows us to coat pre-assembled structures and components. So instead of being restricted to coated sheets, Savosolar is able to apply it's coating to absorbers with optimised heat transfer design of Direct Flow principle. This design and coating technology also allows for coating of the manifold tubes so that every component of the absorber contributes as much as possible to the production of heat energy.


Direct flow absorbers




In standard absorbers, the heat travels a long way until reaching the heat transfer fluid. The heat conduction occurs within a very narrow welding seam, creating an unequal heat distribution and higher heat losses. 

In Savosolar's Direct Flow absorbers, the heat losses are minimised since the distance from the coated surface to the heat transfer fluid is significantly reduced. This is the principle of the Direct Flow absorbers which are produced from MPE profiles which have been used in heat exchangers in the automotive industry for several decades. Savosolar has optimised MPE designs for solar thermal energy production which in combination with the selective coating and low-iron and anti-reflective glass provides the world's most efficient collectors. 

In 2011, Savosolar was awarded the prestigious Intersolar Award for the development of this absorber technology.

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