PVT absorbers


The high heat transfer capability and even temperature distribution of our absorbers also make them ideal for use in PVT panels (Photo-Voltaic Thermal). PVT panels use solar cells and produce electricity just as PV panels do. But PVT panels also produce heat energy which can be used for hot water or space heating.

Savosolar supplies uncoated absorbers to selected PVT partners who then apply their solar cells on the absorbers. This is done to cool the solar cells on hot days so they maintain their optimal temperature for electricity production. Otherwise, on sunny days when the PV panels should produce the most electricity, the electrical components will become overheated and lose a significant amount of their efficiency.

Cooling the PV cells with MPE absorbers will ensure that they maintain their optimal temperature and produce as much electrical power as possible. At the same time, the heat energy can be used for hot water or space heating.

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